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Lesson 5 (First Layout Tutorial)

Hopefully, you have installed Photoshop Elements.

Did you downloads some freebies? Did you begin to get them organized?

Now you are ready to begin creating your first layout!

Are you as excited as I am! I am anxious for you to begin learning this great hobby.

Lesson 5 - First Layout Tutorial

Forum Thread (pdf)

This tutorial is written as a hands on learning tutorial in order to teach you the basic tools in Photoshop Elements. It will teach you everything you need to know to do a basic layout on your own, while you are creating your very first layout.

There are four videos to this tutorial as it is a rather long tutorial.

Choose your photos for your first layout, open up Photoshop Elements, and begin watching the first video. If you prefer the written format, have the .pdf available.

After watching me do something in the video, pause the video and do it yourself. When you have successfully discovered how to do the task, un-pause the video and move to the next step.

Move the video back in time to re-watch a step if necessary.

Ask questions in the forum if you get stuck and I will be along shortly to help you.

This tutorial includes:

Creating new file
Putting photos and elements on your page
Saving files
Moving elements
The eye
Resizing elements
Cropping photos
Linking layers for group resizing
Resizing by nudging
Selection Tool
Paintbucket Tool
Moving Layers & the Layers Palette
Eyedropper Tool
Text Tool
Hue/Saturation Slider
Drop Shadows


Please visit here for additional helps. For your use in internet safety, please utilize the "Face Bleep" file if it makes you feel more comfortable in sharing your layouts in the gallery. For PSE8 and above, there are the wonderful tabs which are important to learn about. On this page is a video about drop shadow basics. Also on this page is the new interface in Photoshop Elements 11. All versions have the same tools and you can use the below videos to learn, but you just need to learn your interface. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact me.


This is a very important tutorial. It is carefully written to teach basic skills necessary for many of the other tutorials.

This tutorial is written to be a hands-on learning tutorial. Just jump right in and follow along step by step.

Don't forget those drop shadows! It is the most missed task by newbies! It is one of the most important to creating a realistic layout.

Stuck? Ask questions! You never know when I might answer with a quick video tutorial!

And for a fun laugh, watch the video which inspired this layout and tutorial! Warning, not for the faint of heart--the bird is eating something "red."

When you complete your first layout, please upload it to the gallery. While uploading, you will see a drop down box to choose a category in which you can place the layout in the "First Layout" gallery.

If you have already scrapped some pages and are taking this course to pick up more new techniques, please take a moment to share your VERY first layout! It is good that we all share our first layouts to make everyone else comfortable and to help them see where they can go.

All life is scrapbook related.
Every day is a page waiting to be created!
Thena Smith

"I've been working my way through the tutorials and have really enjoyed them. ...... Personally I believe you are one of the finest instructors I have ever had and that's saying a lot."