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Thank you to those that click on the lower right corner of the videos and open the videos on Youtube to like, comment, or share the video. This helps the revenue which supports the site costs here at Hummie's World.


buttonWhat classes and digital scrapbooking tutorials are available? - Look to the left on the sidebar. . .

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You will find a class description and each lesson description on the guide. Go ahead, click around!

buttonWhen do classes start? Any time you want to begin.

buttonHow much do classes cost? All classes are free! Many downloads are on the guides, but a few materials are in my Etsy store.

Payment options are ways for you too support site costs. If you are able to support the site to keep it alive, I greatly appreciate the same. However, I appreciate those participating for free just the same as it gives me great joy watching people learn. Contributing by participation in keeping the site acting and fun is just as important as payments. It is your choice.

buttonHow do I pay for a subscription? First you must register in the forum. Be sure to click on the link in the confirmation e-mail after registering. Then read this page. Or click here.

Where do I sign-up for a class? Just create a personal thread in the Class Credit forum and begin right away. After you post a lesson in the lesson thread, edit your class credit thread to keep track of the lessons done. When you finish a set, post in your credit thread to alert me and I will award your forum icon and post an announcement on my blog.

buttonWhere are the guides? Look to the left on the sidebar. . .

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Each guides contains links that take you back to the forum where you can post your lesson and see what others before you have done as inspiration. I will follow your progress and give you credit for completing each lesson. Each set you complete earns an award of a forum icon by your name. In a crazy way, it is motivating.

How does it work?

This video is to help you understand the structure for classes here at Hummie's World. 

Follow the online guide, do the lesson, upload your image to Flickr, and use the BB code to post in the lesson thread. Then go to your credit thread to mark that lesson as done.

We invite you to ask questions in the forum.

We encourage you to comment on other's lesson submissions in the gallery to contribute to a community of people encouraging each other.


Receive an icon by your name for every 20 lessons you complete. Some classes may vary in number, such as the ABC class is for 26 letters to earn an icon.

Please complete set 1 before beginning set 2, and so on. You may jump around within each set as you do the challenges, but do not move onto the next set until you complete a set.


Please create your own thread in the Credit Thread forum. After you post a lesson in a thread, please edit your post to reflect that you have done your lesson. When you have completed a set, please post in your thread that you have completed the set and staff will award you an icon by your name in posts and announce it on the blog (which goes out in the newsletter). Please take time to comment on these blog posts to congratulate each other.

This is also where you may ask questions on how the classes work.

The credit thread can always be found from the main page of the forum.  Just scroll down to the section on credits. However, you may want to bookmark your own credit thread for quick access.

You can ask specific questions about tutorials in the thread for that lesson.



The links on the guides take you back to the forum where you will post your lesson when you finish. After you complete your layout, upload it to the gallery and post to the thread. For gallery help, please see this page.

The gallery help videos are also important to help you learn how to upload and how to post from the gallery to the forum.
You can find help threads here.

It is helpful for us to get to know you better by name if you add something that we can call you into your signature line.  This can be found in “settings.”  You may also change both the "avatar" and the "profile" image from the settings.

Start again? Sure! If you are returning, I will look up your old credits for you and you can pick up where you left off.


buttonFree stuff? I love helping people! However, I grew so weary of always repeating myself. It was so much easier to just point someone to a website and, therefore, this site was born.

  • There are free tutorials on Youtube which are embedded in the guides.
  • There is free content to download on the guides. You may also find a few products in my store on the guides. There are free .pdf tutorials on some of the lessons
  • Watch the Fan Freebie tab on the Facebook page.


This are old videos to the introduction of classes. They may help you, but it is mostly fun to look back at an old version of the website.