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Thank you to those that click on the lower right corner of the videos and open the videos on Youtube to like, comment, or share the video. This helps the revenue which supports the site costs here at Hummie's World.

I'm happy you stopped by today, whether for your first visit or popping in off and on all day. Make yourself at home and click around. You'll find hundreds of tutorials and freebies, a warm community and help in the forum, and more resources than you can work through in several years. I invite you to prop your feet up, grab a glass of your favorite drink, and stick around for while.

Hummie's World is where you can:
brad1. Learn digital scrapbooking in Photoshop Elements through tutorials and videos through free classes. There are also photography videos and challenge classes to inspire your pages.

brad2. Find help by asking questions.

brad3. Get to know other digital scrapbookers and inspire each other. I am always inspired by little things! Inspiration is like a great big circle that always comes back to me! Create scrapbook pages that will be appreciated for generations.

brad4. Find information and links to other resources. I am always on the lookout for fun things and resources. You can find resources scattered on the site, my blog, my twitter, Facebook, or Google +.

bradGrab a drink and click around. There's plenty here to explore. 


How does it work?

Follow the online guide, do the lesson, upload your image to Flickr, and post to the linky on the blog. Then go to your credit document to mark that lesson as done.

Here is a help for posting to the linky.

Also, if there is a Youtube video, it would be awesome if you posted a link to your Flickr layout in the comments of the video. I and others to happen on the video would appreciate it.

We encourage you to comment on other's lesson submissions in the gallery to contribute to a community of people encouraging each other.

buttonWhat classes and digital scrapbooking tutorials are available?

Look to the left on the sidebar. . .

<- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You will find a class guide for each class. Go ahead, click around!

buttonWhen do classes start? Any time you want to begin.

buttonHow much do classes cost? All classes are free! Many downloads are on the guides, but a few materials are in my Etsy store. However, you do not have to use my materials. You can use anything in your stash.

buttonHow do I give back or donate? Click here.

buttonWhere do I sign-up for a class? Visit the Awards page to read about keep credits to earn an icon. Send me an email and I will help you set up your own personal document for keeping track of lesson credits. When you finish a set, comment on the blog to alert me and I will post an announcement on my blog.


Award yourself an icon on your credit document for every 20 lessons you complete. Some classes may vary in number, such as the ABC class is for 26 letters to earn an icon.

Please complete set 1 before beginning set 2, and so on. You may jump around within each set as you do the challenges, but do not move onto the next set until you complete a set.

When you earn an award, add it to your credit document and let me know by posting a comment on the blog.


The links on the guides take you to where you comment. After you complete your layout, upload it to the gallery and post to the blog. For gallery help, please see this page.


This are old videos to the introduction of classes. They may help you, but it is mostly fun to look back at an old version of the website.